The information you provide is subject to EU General Data Protection Regulation. In accepting our terms of service, you consent that we may process your personal data for the purposes of selling or purchasing used cars. The word “Processing” includes obtaining, recording and holding information about the customer, we obtain that information directly from the customer. You provide information through our computer or paper application process, in your telephone conversations with us, and by letters and emails you send us. We record this information on paper files, you may also provide us with copies of documents such as copies of identification, driving licence etc. These documents are stored with the details of the car being purchased and locked away in a safe within a locked room.

The collection of data is necessary for us to perform our contractual responsibilities to you; i.e. the provision of the services you have requested. If you limit the information you provide to us, or decline to answer certain questions, then we may not be able to help you. This is also used as a service invoice and proof of purchase both for customer and Solent Autopoint.

By requesting finance at Solent Autopoint you accept that searches will be carried out against you with licensed credit reference agencies and these agencies will retain a record of this information for other agencies or lenders to see. For more information on this please go to and view the policies.

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